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Private Adoption

When a family makes the decision to expand their family through adoption, the last thing they need is to struggle with understanding the legal process of completing an adoption. At Cornog Law, we will complete the court filing process and make certain all requirements such as the home study and the background checks are completed.

Types of Private Adoption we specialize in:

Step-Parent Adoption

Grandparent Adoption

Relative Adodption


Private Adoption

The attorney will meet with you to discuss your case and then outline the process from the beginning to the end.

The Law Office of Felita Cornog offers legal representation for Adoption on a flat fee per case retainer. Please submit your inquiry here to be contacted to discuss your case needs, next steps, and retainer fee.

Note: See our page on Foster Care Adoption

At The Law Office of Felita Cornog, we provide clear guidance, support, and quality representation.

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