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Advantages Of An Uncontested Divorce

1. Less expensive than a contested divorce.

2 Divorce is finalized quicker.

3. Conflict is kept to a minimum.

Stepparents and Child Support

No matter how long your spouse has helped you rear and support your child,    in the State of Georgia, the stepparent is not required to pay child support in a divorce or separation unless the stepparent has legally adopted the child.  Of course, the stepparent can agree to pay child support.

Marriage Separation and Child Support

In the State of Georgia, a spouse can get child support during a separation.

Adoption and Consent of the Child

In the case of a child 14 years of age or older, the written consent of the child to

his or her adoption shall be given and acknowledged in the presence of the court.

Adoption Assistance Fact 1

A child who has been in the legal custody of the Division of Family and Children Services may still qualify for adoption assistance even though the child was never physically in foster care.

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